Dear PepsiCo India Boss, Please Read This.


The Boss
PepsiCo India
3B, DLF Corporate Park, S Block
Qutab Enclave, Phase-III
Gurgaon – 122002
Haryana, India

Dear PepsiCo India Boss,

For a moment, please stop dissecting the Coca-Cola sales data and read this letter, because, Pepsi’s latest Television Commercial (TVC) ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ in Kannada is screwed up, big time.

Yes, it’s awesome in its original self, in Hindi. The music is likeable, the narration and lyrics are good and the concept, though not new, is still nice. Priyanka, Ranbir and Dhoni are ideal brand endorsers and like me, I’m sure the TVC has impressed everyone at PepsiCo. Congrats. But whoever approved the Kannada version for telecast needs to be fired, Oh Yes Abhi!


Image Source: PepsiCo India Facebook Page

The poorly translated narrative and lyrics in Kannada are hideous. Actually, they don’t make any sense. Every time I watch Oh Yes Abhi! TVC in Kannada, it makes me cringe. Equally, the shrill voice of lead vocalist feels like million bees stinging straight into my brain. And it hurts, terribly.


(Image Source: PepsiCo India Facebook Page)

The Hindi TVC, like its global predecessor ‘Live for Now’, is entertaining. I’m sure the advertisement is NOT meant to sell Pepsi directly, but instead, expected to increase the brand recall value. Your expert distribution network tentacles have already infiltrated deep into the corners of Karnataka and I believe, by now, every Kannadiga and Kannadathi is aware of your premium brand. Besides, music is a global language and the TVC uses it skilfully. Even in Hindi, without understanding the language, everyone in Karnataka can easily associate the commercial with Pepsi. So, either you can telecast the original Hindi TVC on Kannada Channels or produce one for Karnataka, in Kannada. But please DO NOT dub or adopt. They are horrible.

With best regards,
A Pepsi drinking Kannadiga

The Ad Agency Responsible for the TVC: Congrats, it rocks! But you shouldn’t be paid for the Kannada version. Never.
Person Responsible for Kannada Translation: You need to look for an alternate career,Oh Yes Abhi!
Kannada Lead vocalist: Next time, please spare us.
Dhoni: You need to dance more. We love it!


Oh Yes Abhi!    (Image Source: PepsiCo India Facebook Page)