The Lone Swigs, Together!

Like everyone who enjoys a drink or two, they too rarely had their wine alone. Everytime they both got high on the drinks, it was either with friends or cousins and once in a while few family members joined in the revelry. But today it was to be a rather different experience.

Tonight as they sat with bottles of their favourite drinks, few cigarettes and some munchies, the skies were filled with millons of tiny shining stars.

Pulling out the corks, they poured the whiskey and topped up their glasses with water. Picking up the glass, she clanked it with her neatly pedicured fingernails and similarly he followed her with an amusing clink on his vial. After getting to know each other months before, it was their first celebration together and as the pleasant sound of their toast faded into the night, they both smiled cheerfully.

As the tranquil darkness covered with soft cold winds brushed their overjoyed hearts, they called out happy cheers and sipped their brews. As the first gentle taste of the whiskey enveloped their throats, they licked the lips with relish and forgetting the world around, they started to enjoy their drinks in leisurely swigs.

As the night slowly faded into passionate chats, topping up the empty glasses they lit their cigarettes and the pungent tobacco smoke sent their heads on an ecstatic spin. With every passing drink, an unexplained exuberance overtook their minds and as they continued to share the curious snippets from their life gone past, the clock started to tick in an never seen hurry.

Surrounded with nothing but the engaging company of each other, it was the best intoxicating time they both ever shared in an unbound affection, with the one they loved dearly.

Tonight, sitting thousands of miles apart, they were enjoying the whiskey all alone but the mobile phones connected their hearts with a new found joy.

Her Maiden Glide!

​Sitting on the edge of an outstretched boulder, she peered down the deep valley and from somewhere far below the cliff, she heard her mother’s cheerful calls. Focusing sharply on the sound and narrowing her vision, she tried to map the vast expanse streched ahead. The distant horizon looked unending, and welcoming.

Since the day she was born, she was looking forward for this moment. The very first time she had seen her father take the leap off the edge, she was spellbound and today it was her turn to conquer the heights.

She was not nervous, but her tiny legs were shaking in anticipation. Her mind was focused and with a natural instinct flowing through her veins, she jumped off the cliff and spread her fresh wings.

The sudden gush of wind on her feathers lifted her up, and she immediately felt weightless. Beating her wings for the first time, she soared high, loudly called for her mother and from somewhere far below, she heard the delighted reply.

The Sun was shining bright and the afternoon sky was clear. She kept her head stright, looked ahead, channeling the breeze across her gleaming cheeks. Slowly, she climmed up in circles and when she reached far above the hills, she stopped flapping her wings, allowing the warm air to help her glide.

As she flew, far ahead the Earth seemed to merg with the unknown in a large curve. Surprised, she looked down and as far and wide as her young eyes could see, she saw the world in a new perspective. The huge valley was now a scratch on the land, the trees were one large green canvas and the mighty pond was just a puddle. The hills looked beaten, a hazy mist covered the landscape and except for the soft whistling sound of the wind, all she heard was the silence of the skies; and for the first time, she felt at home.

The man and his speaking trees!

He was out in the woods since daybreak and as he aimlessly wandered among the thickets, he sensed a lethal hush slowly descend from the dense canopy.

This was not the first time that he had ventured in to the forest. Ever since his wife was found dead hanging inside their home, the only place where he got solace was in the dark jungles.

He was poor, he had no kids, he wore tattered clothes, he hardly ate, none of the relatives cared for him and the only friends that he considered his were the trees in the forest. On many a occasions, people had seen him standing close to the trunk, looking high up through the branches and mumbling in strange words, as if having a serious conversation with the trees.

Today as he stepped deeper into the jungle to meet his best friend, a large peepal tree that grew next to a creek, he could sense that something was not alright around him. Since midday the birds had stopped chirping, winds had died and many herds of deer that he usually saw hanging about in the shades were missing.

Surrounded in such strange silence, for the first time his mind strated to feel uneasy among the trees. With every step he took, he gradually started to hear strange noices float through the bushes and when he waved through the knee deep stream, he could feel something following close behind him, something he dared not to turn back and look.

Slowly as the dread overtook his senses, he started to move faster. Rushing past each tree, he looked at them with imploring eyes, as if begging for help and when he got closer to the creek, he began to run towards his best friend, the large peepal tree.

No one has heard or seen him since that strange afternoon and people believe that he is still living happily among his friends, the trees with which he could converse.