Payback’s a bitch!

This morning as I got ready to go for office, my mother asked if I was all set to have breakfast and I replied with an enthusiastic yes. As she handed out my favourite jackfruit seed with potato combination sambar* and Ragi mudde^, the mood swing kicked in, I lost interest in meal and I declined the plate. With a very worried face, my mother beseeched me to eat. I refused, grabbed few slices of cucumber and got up.

I got out of the house with an empty stomach, a heavy heart, a restless head and I started my bike. Right at that moment, I was one grumpy old bugger.

In next 10 minutes, my bike was roaring and I was about to race up the Allalasandra railway over bridge in Bengaluru. As I got closer to the access ramp, further on to me a Toyota Etios was following a leisurely driven tractor with an over loaded trailer. With intent to overtake the slow-moving vehicles, I throttled hard and zipped ahead. As I was getting closer to the car, suddenly I saw a blinker switching on; the Etios slowly crawled out, moved on to my lane and got ready to overtake the tractor.

I was about 30 feet behind the car and I was getting closer, faster.

With a stiff limb, I pulled the brakes hard and right away I heard the sharp screech of my bike wheels grabbing the asphalt. The sudden fall in speed made my rear wheel to drag right and as I started to lose balance, I released the brakes and thumped them back again to correct the lug. But this time I lost balance, my bike started to wobble and once more, I grabbed the brakes.

The wobbling got worse, and a chill ran down my spine.

The Etios was still crawling in front and now I was right behind the car, unstable and shaking badly. In the following microsecond, I mentally prepared for the finale – either to rear-end the car or go down with my bike, both of which could conclude in terrible consequences.

As I frantically struggled to control the motorbike at such close proximity to the Etios, I flashed my headlights and thankfully that grabbed the driver’s attention. In the next second as I was about to crash into the car, the driver accelerated hard and rushed ahead. This gave me precious space to sit tight, control my bike and slowdown. As I steadied my bike, I opened my LS2 visor, screamed the most offensive expletives at my own self, and rode ahead in one piece.

I should have listened to my mother, had my breakfast and I should have kept a steady head. And yes, I should drive easy, and safe. Truly, payback’s a bitch!


*Sambar – A lentil-based vegetable stew.

^Ragi Mudde – Ragi millet flour cooked and made in to soft balls, a staple food in many parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in India.


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