3 Movies I Enjoyed Watching Recently

It’s been an absolute lull on this blog since December 2013 and in last few months, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t write a word. To get over the lethal slack, I wanted to start afresh with a subject that’s been in trend in India since 1913 (hint: Raja Harishchandra). Apparently, the topic requires very little imagination, it’s easy to compose and even if I end up with an awful content, it can still attract considerable attention. Therefore, I decided to write on cinema, the much-loved pastime of normal people in India.

In recent weeks, I watched quite a few movies and not surprisingly, none of them were bad. I pick my cinema on one considerable merit – recommendations from friends, both in real life and on digital world. Following are the three must-watch movies I recommend you from the recent bunch I watched. The listing is in no particular order, not even alphabetical.

DuelEnglish, 1971 | Key Artist: Dennis Weaver

On a bright sunny day in America, David Mann (Dennis Weaver) embarks on a business trip in his red Plymouth Valiant. The routine drive turns dreadful when in California desert, a truck driver starts to terrify David Mann by tailgating at high-speeds. What follows is a live-wire cat-and-mouse chase in which the petrified car driver must be in the fore to be alive, even if it means driving at deathfying speeds.


The movie, made in 1971, surprises you with breathtaking cinematography and edge-of-the-seat action packed screenplay. And if it interests you, Duel was directed by Steven Spielberg.

SidlinguKannada, 2012 | Key Artists: Ramya, Yogesh

Sidlingu is a movie primarily about two distinct individuals drawn to each other for solace and love. Ramya, shedding her glam doll image, plays a demure school teacher and Yogesh shines as a deprived youngster infatuated with cars and women. With a lineup of brilliant actors, Sidlingu showcases the intricate lives of several individuals in a very lighthearted narrative.


Please be warned that if you enjoy run-of-the-mill movies with balding lead actors trying to look cool or teenagers gyrating to worn-out soundtracks, Sidlingu is not your type.

Im JuliGerman, 2000 | Key Artists: Moritz Bleibtreu, Christiane Paul

Daniel decides to cross much of Europe, from Hamburg in Germany to reach Istanbul in Turkey, to meet Melek, a Turkish girl he fell in love after a brief encounter. As Daniel starts his journey in a rundown car, he stops to pick up a hitchhiker, a girl he had met at the flea-market. Unknown to him, the hitchhiking companion, Juli likes Daniel. What follows is an epic voyage of self-discovery, deception and love.


A feel-good road movie, Im Juli combines impressive direction, screenplay, soundtracks and cinematography to provide a pleasant experience. You can watch Im Juli on YouTube with English subtitles.

(Movie posters source: The internet)


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