Dream Debuts! (Part 1)

Let me make it very clear at the very beginning – this is not about Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan or Katrina Kaif. Not even close. And for the record, Katrina’s debut in Boom was a celluloid disaster!


The Boom & Bust Trio!

Instead, this is about the people, events or things that once had a starry launch and in the years that followed, they relentlessly pioneered to become the primary motive for our every act. In simple words, this is about the dream debuts of the past that are accepted necessities of our present life.

Here are three such dream debuts, which personally influence and rule MY everyday existence!

Google Original, Famous and Essential!

On a clear sunny day in September 1997, while registering a domain for their futuristic search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Stanford misspell Googol as Google to seed a dotcom business venture with almost zero capital, nonexistent office space and a quirky brand name.

However, today as I write this, Google is traded on NASDAQ for $1011 a share, has over 70 offices in 40 countries and offers a cluster of innovative products for global internet business industry. Google has numerous products that rule their respective genre including search engine, email client, video sharing platform, mobile operating system, web browser, maps and satellite imagery etc.


The Google Gang!

Personally, Google is my window into, well… everything – it’s my intellectual guide, entertainment aide and communication hub. Professionally, as my work involves SEO at its core element, I can’t imagine a life without Google and its array of by-products – search tools, communication tools and advertising services.

Today Google, a one brand with multiple products, is everything that’s called a World Wide Web!

Allah-Rakha Rahman | Ella Pughazhum Iraivanukke!

It took over 2 years, 5 prestigious awards and close to 10 movies before I realized the existence of a phenomenon called AR Rahman, and when I did, it was literally a life changing experience. I had never heard such weird, and yet, addictive music. The song was Mukkala Mukkablala and the place – my residential school in Coorg.

I still remember the settings – it was a cloudy afternoon and I was walking towards our dormitory after eating a hungry lunch when someone, may be Manjunath, thrust me a walkman. He thought the song was good. Even after million replays in 19 years, I still feel calling Mukkalla Mukkabala as being ‘good’ was such an understatement. The song was phenomenal and immediately, I was hooked to ARR.

Soon, I started to collect his albums, sorted my favourite tracks and built a huge compilation. As I went about searching ARR’s music, I bought few, borrowed some and downloaded the most. Slowly as his fame grew, so did my collection and today, I have most of his tracks in every language that he cared to compose.

Personally, his compositions are my companions of solitude. When I feel low, his soothing tunes help enliven my mood. When I work countless hours with repetitive writing, his songs play in background so I don’t get fed up with monotony. But most importantly, while searching for ARR’s work, I was introduced to his contemporary global music composers, thus igniting new interest!

Chetan Bhagat | The Indian Bookwala!

Thanks to Chetan Bhagat, today, India is once again hooked to books – may be not into serious intellectual sort, but at least, we are back to reading novels. Yes, in the time of senseless television, endless internet and hollow work hours, he rekindled our desire for books.

Before Five Point Someone was released in 2004, Chetan Bhagat’s first novel, Indian publishing industry was slowly fading into oblivion. To survive the onslaught of television and internet, it depended on very limited audience – textbooks and guides, intellectuals and habitual readers. Even during tough times, there were contemporary writes with great skills, but unfortunately, each day the number of readers kept plummeting to new low.


3 Idiots & A Charming Neha!

All this changed the day Five Point Someone hit the stands. This was possible because Five Point Someone was crisp, easy on reading and most importantly, it captivated every age and gender. Right away, contemporary critics called it ‘fast food literature’ and ‘Bollywood on paper’. But we lapped it up with lust, thus giving birth to hoards of similar books and authors.

Personally, Five Point Someone is what dragged me back to bookstore. This was the book that revived my interest in general reading. And most importantly, Chetan Bhagat is the reason I installed Adobe Digital Editions in my laptop to read few pages before I sleep every night!

More of such dream debuts are left out from this list, which I plan to cover in future parts. The idea is to keep them simple, short and interesting. So, expect more!

2 thoughts on “Dream Debuts! (Part 1)

  1. hmm. now i got the answer for my own question (comments on your previous post). Its the creativity draws the attention of so called Demand. Keep going Bro. I rarely read blog in English, but i do not want to miss your writings.

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