Pornification of a Nation – An Adulterated Circle of Lust!

With 70280 reported cases of rape and molestation crimes committed against women in India during 2012*, let’s face it – our Nation is not a safe place for women. Be it a young schoolgirl or a 50 year old mother, when a woman in India steps-out of the safety of her home, there is no guarantee that she will return unharmed. The chances are, depending on the scale of her luck, one can either be brutally raped, physically molested, emotionally insulted or end-up being a permanent showpiece for millions of voyeurs on the World Wide Web – the newest wave of crime to invade our civilization.

According to a survey conducted by the ExtremeTech in April 2012, the largest porn site on web, xVideos, had a staggering 4.4 billion page views per month, enough to shame every our-website-is-the-best campaigners. Visit any such site and you are presented with an array of adult videos and pictures blatantly exhibiting the most intimate moments of countless individuals, many of them young Indians. The majority of such people, mostly women, are the victims of a new fetish – exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Before the arrival of Internet, such sleazy parades were limited to seedy books and magazines. Hidden far from the easy reach of general population, they offered little trouble. But today, with a mere click or a touch, one can easily become a part of speedily increasing lust brigade that’s menacing to dethrone the moral character of our society. Invaded deep into our minds, the Internet has transformed a basic, human desire – the tender act of lovemaking, into an extremely unrealistic physical rage – the porn.

Thanks to Internet, the pornification of our society was a quick and trouble-free affair for three simple reasons – ease of use, wide reach and discreet accessibility. And as expected, the quick blast of unrestricted porn created a fourth key reason of its own – the demand. Suddenly, young men and women, some not older than school going kids, had access to loads of pornographic materials on personal computers, laptops and mobiles, thus corrupting their innocence forever.

With increase in demand, the American adult movie industry which has a major stake in the trade got creative. The simple titillating sexual acts were replaced with innovative, bold and sometimes, bizarre concepts.  Every day, several hard-hitting adult motion pictures with wacky titles were released online and gleefully, we lapped up the new arrivals with shameless obsession.

Soon, a new variety of websites were created to offer full-length adult motion pictures and images for free online streaming, sharing and downloads. And most importantly, these websites provided options to upload our own pornographic materials, of our partners and friends, helping a bandwagon of individuals possessed with raw, uncanny sexual fads to fulfill their scandalous desires.

Today, we candidly welcome Sunny Leone, an American porn-star into mainstream Bollywood, feel proud of Sherlyn Chopra, an Indian, for featuring nude in Playboy and openly battle with our Government for banning a desi adult cartoon strip Savitha Bhabi.

But in all this frenzy, we forget to notice the majority of present generation which has started to treat women as a commodity, overlook our obsession with exhibitionism and voyeurism that has ruined countless lives and disregard the minds of youngsters, which are as vulnerable as the modesty of an innocent woman.

*Source: National Crime Records Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs)


Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian Playboy Playmate!


3 thoughts on “Pornification of a Nation – An Adulterated Circle of Lust!

  1. I do not know.. Whether demand demands the creativity or creativity carve the demand. Even after writing so good you posted a pic of a Playmate (your creativity) and even after reading whole, I could not skip looking into her! (that’s the demand).

  2. Very good post … Really as we are going into the new world the young generation has been undergoing a corrupt moral and social understanding. What is really shocking to see that you have written this 2 years back… before the government have ban 857 websites in India.
    Thank you.

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