My Life, My Phobias!

Yes, like most of you, even I live with my own list of private fears and horrors of suffering from awful phobias. Few avoid flying, some dread spiders and if you trust Wikipedia, perhaps 10 % of general population is terrified of heights. And according to Fredd Culbertson of, there are over 500 known phobias that scare mankind every day. Thus, right now as you read this, somewhere someone must be wetting their underpants from a familiar panic!

Here is a list of 3 phobias that I experience in my everyday existence and which, to an extent, make my life a living terror.

3Acrophobia – The Fear of Heights


A most common phobia that sets panic alarms ring at the worst possible places, Acrophobia is the fear of heights – both manmade and natural. Be it looking out of a fifth floor window or glancing down a lofty cliff edge, Acrophobia makes me look like a walking corpse, a zombie – stiff limbed, unbelievably reticent and entirely devoured of blood from my face. Every time I’m forced to stand over a moderately tall structure, suddenly, I turn into a wide-eyed alien from a remote planet. And as my head goes dizzy in anticipation of an imaginary plunge, I dig my fingers into nearest possible support – mostly human shoulders!

In recent years, Virtual Reality Simulation is used for treating Acrophobia.  But I will let my fear of heights prevail, because, Acrophobia is the second most alternate to get thrilled from the mysteries of unknown depths, if you know what I mean!

2Scoliodentosaurophobia – The Fear of Lizards


No, you can’t read it right. Every time you try Scoliodentosaurophobia, it gets difficult. Go ahead and prove me wrong while I try not to get spooked by the ghastly sight of an ugly lizard crawling across the wall. Yes, I’m scared of lizards. Wait, terrified is the right word. Every time I see a lizard, even at a distance of some kilometres, I get panicked and turn into a statue – lest I attract undue attention. This fear of lizards started at an early age when for some damned reason an ugly looking thing jumped onto me like a massive T-rex – a carnivore dinosaur. That was the last lizard ever to come close to my limbs, because, since then I avoid them like a plague.

Lizards are mostly found in warm climates and to avoid them, one need to shift to colder horizon – like Himalaya or Antarctica.

1The Fear of Waterfalls


This one is hard to describe. This, I feel is very unique to me. There is no scientific name for the fear of waterfalls, but it can be classified under Potamophobia – the fear of running water. And every time I go under a cascade, it freaks me out. This fear is so severe on my mind that when I stand under the shower, suddenly, my heart skips a beat and I gasp for air. Such is the terror of falling water that even under the cold water, I feel my body sweat and my knees go weak for all the wrong reasons. But it doesn’t mean I dread the sight of water. In fact, I love dipping in a pool, flowing river and the mighty sea.  Strangely, I even worship rains. But it’s the waterfall that scares me to death. Strange to believe, but true.

And if you are here from my Facebook link only to check-out the babe under the waterfalls, this is your time:



2 thoughts on “My Life, My Phobias!

  1. Height scares me too… even the first floor !! but you know i like to climb up roof tops to see the the big bang city in a distant horizon but not down.

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