Last Sunday, I happen to watch Super, a Kannada movie on MS Channel, a local channel available in parts of Yelahanka and neighbouring districts.

My immediate reaction – I felt guilty of not watching it in the theatre.

Yes, it’s an awesome movie and it deserves to earn a good deal of money. I’m sure it did ring the cash register for producer Rockline Venkatesh. After all, it was Upendra’s comeback-as-a-director-after-10-year movie and it didn’t disappoint. Not a bit. But more importantly, the large Silver screen and no ad breaks would have enhanced my cinematic experience immensely.


Upendra, Rajinikath and Rockline Venkatesh attend the special screening of Super

Apart from writing the story, screenplay and dialogue, Upendra has directed the movie and his ingenuity is apparent right at the title cards. This movie has no name, so to speak. Instead, it just has a symbol or a mudra


” Super “

that translates itself into the spoken word ‘Super’, or so I believe, like everyone else.

Immediately after the titles, a finger pointing towards audience while director credit is revealed, you are taken into the future – literally. I don’t know if any other movie starts with such eccentric and yet remarkable set of texts – ‘After 20 years’!


Yes you!

Here in future, the year 2030, we are exposed to a new India – a country like never before, an India that you can never imagine to have shaped. This concept and vision of projecting India in a new eye was possible only by one man – Upendra, and remarkably, he does it with ease and conviction. I am sure you will love it. In fact, you don’t have any choice but to adore the grand view and incredible novelty of Super.


Who else can dare this in Kannada cinema industry?

Gradually, with deliberate awesomeness, the movie unfolds in flashbacks after flashbacks and in the process; you are treated with some of the most impressive pieces of celluloid drama in recent Kannada cinema history.

Nayanatara Super Kannada

Nayanatara at her traditional best

The story has no loose ends and the screenplay compliments the strongly backed script. The actors, both the lead pair and all the character artists have done an incredible job. Upendra is at his usual best. Apart from first 20 minutes, for rest of the movie, he is here, there and everywhere and he manages it with style. Nayanatara is charming. She has a well authored role and she shoulders the responsibility without much effort. For that alone, you need to applaud her. Easily, she matches Upendra’s self scripted near perfect role. Luckily Sadu Kokila has let go his habitual over-acting histrionics and instead he delivers a subdued comical relief with good results. The Telugu comedy actor Ali does a fair job and so is the veteran actor Sudarshan, as Upendra’s dad.



The cinematography is impressive and every frame captures cameraman’s efforts and talent. Editing is flawless. The highlight of the movie is its music. The songs are excellent and the lyrics are noteworthy. Even the background score is extremely good. Harikrishna sure knows what kind of music is expected from an Upendra’s movie and he delivers it.

Overall, Super is a must watch movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, go buy a DVD. You will thank me later.

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