Media Moguls & Dirty Money

The death of unbiased, realistic and responsible news media started when ‘business pirates’ disguised as ‘media moguls’ took over the ‘honourable’ profession as a means to mint illegal money, legally.

Today, sadly, nothing can stop and none dare oppose them. The cash rich ‘media moguls’ institute fear among everyone using either a paper, a news channel or an influential media syndicate who according to their timely needs, use biased views to shape the minds of gullible public.

In this reckless new age media-sphere , each good deed done gets questioned and every shadowy deal gets shamelessly highlighted as free, fair and financially viable. Every hour, unabashed, personal space gets invaded, images tarnished, careers drowned, relationships ruined and families separated forever. With the same brazen eloquence, a con business gets an impressive praise; an unknown face becomes a page3 sensation, a dud movie buys a splendid review and a media mogul’s daughter loses some weight, writes a book on it and predictably, she’s made a national sensation.

We, the naive public made media the 4th estate and now, major part of that 4th pillar of our Constitution works just as a despot: fool, kill, survive and thrive! Few good media houses and professionals who dare try make a difference in otherwise a murky world are either forced to fall in line with the ‘mogul’ regime or subjected to slow, painful and ignored death.

The future of India, as influenced by cash rich media, looks dismal and dark.